You need our services if you are...

Stress Man. Businessman  suffers from a headache
  • Busy office worker, with a lifestyle that affects health - eating erratically, feeling stressed, overworked.
  • A busy mum not looking after herself as well as she should, not getting enough sleep, always tired and worried. Wanting to carve out time for you.
  • A uni student finding difficulty with healthy life balance, eating out too much, overwhelmed with stress of study
  • High level executive with huge responsibilities, no time for own health or looking at health of staff.
  • Feeling frustrated with time constraints. Know what to do but cannot see how to fit it in.
  • Early retirees, finding it awkward coping with formulating “structure” in the new lifestyle. Special dietary and exercise needs specific to the age
  • Do you work outdoors and require different health needs compared to others. People who constantly gets ill & difficulty shaking it, immune system down, feeling rundown lethargic or cannot cope
  • Stressed for any reason at all. This will ultimately affect health, headache, teeth problems, muscle spasms
  • Have had recent bone fractures or have family history of Osteoporosis
  • Have cholesterol, blood pressure problems or Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, trouble sleeping, or any other condition, and don’t know what to do?


"Following your individualized treatment plan, within a short space of time you will have; more energy, better sleep, a rejuvenated mental outlook, less stress, enhanced breathing and fewer illnesses"


  • Employer and employee health in the workplace
  • Specific packages including executive packages
  • Workplace seminars, workshops and health testing & DEXA scans
  • All health tests can be done at your premises, followed by in depth explanation of results
  • Wellness Day Events can be arranged outside the workplace, and can be utilized as “staff bonding time” as we incorporate various activities.

Some Corporations Inta has worked with:

Currently Inta is the NSW trainer at Express Business Group. Inta's motivational talks and regular presentations, workshops, and business coaching for new franchise business owners, helps them create a healthy business. Ongoing encouragement, guidance and support develops for them the concept of Healthy You Healthy Business.

Minter Ellison chain (East Coast Australia), Mallesons, Myer chain in NSW, Medicare, Department of Health and Ageing, Facsia,

NSW Health Department, Dairy Farmers, Pacific Magazines, Fairfax,

Mirvac, Telstra, Sita, Canon, Fitness First chain in all NSW along with 5 privately owned gyms such as Pymble, Fernwood, Lady Davidson Rehabilitation Hospital, Village Life, Sydney University

Pharmacy Faculty, Garvan Institute, Bausch & Lombe, Resmed, Westpac, St George, Menopause Institute of Australia,

Osteoporosis Australia, Arthritis Foundation, Blackmores, Healthworks, Alcon Laboratories, Macquarie Shopping centre, MEP, Dow Corning, CSIRO, Foxtel, CSiRA, Pittwater Council, Eraring Power Station, Carlingford Court, GNC Healthfoods, Marie Claire.

Pharmacy chains; Soul Pattinson, Chemworld, Chemmart, Mega Save, Amcal, Chemist Outlet, along with 21 privately owned pharmacies.

Express Business Group.

Your business functions best by addressing employer / employee health and wellness.

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