Is Our Skeleton Arthritis Free? Unlikely- even at a young age

Cartilage surface erodes and the synovial membranes thicken and loose elasticity. Damage to the joints accelerates and increases inflammatory enzymes. Chronic inflammation reduces cartilage and may increase spurs (extra bone).

This can cause bones to develop osteophytic lipping that restricts normal spine movement.

Food for Thought

5 Foods Joints love

Consider adding them to our food choices  (as OA prevention if there is family history)

 Strawberries .Vitamin C content, slows the progression of Osteoarthritis and cartilage loss

  1. Olive oil. The polyphenols reduce inflammation
  2. Vitamin D and fish oil is anti-inflammatory
  3. Green tea. Catechins are inflammation “quieters” and delay cartilage damage. 3 cups per day
  4. Green leafy vegetables. Vitamin K strengthens cross matrix of bone

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