Inta Mackenzie

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• B Nat (Naturopathy) Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

• B HSc (Applied Sciences - Medical Imaging / Diagnostic Radiography)

• Cert IV Remedial Therapeutic Massage • Diploma Holistic Counseling

• Meditation Teacher and Facilitator

• Adv. Iridology

• Member of: AIMA, ANTA, CMPAC, AIR, PSA

Inta is a Naturopath and a Diagnostic Radiographer with over 40 years medical experience. She has specialty skills in all facets of radiology including, but not limited to: CT scanning, MRI, Mammography, OPG, Angiography, Paediatrics, Ultrasound and Bone Mineral Densitometry.

Interpretation of medical imaging test results is second nature, and working in the medical system both in hospitals and private clinics (in Australia and overseas) is an advantageous background.
Years of service performing DEXA Bone Mineral Density scans in the mobile capacity in pharmacies and corporations became a form of educating the public on bone health awareness, and Osteoporosis prevention. Her company covered a cross section of the community, and all age demographics, aiding investigation and medical research into bone loss in younger adults.

Inta has been involved in numerous projects in association with Osteoporosis Australia, Arthritis Foundation, Sydney University Projects, and rehabilitation centres and Menopause foundations. She has worked in various fitness chains, and large business firms along the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Melbourne, health scanning staff, and doing health workshops and talks. Key - note speaking became an important part of practice.

Inta has completed a Bachelor of Naturopathy (including nutrition and herbal medicine, iridology), Holistic Counseling, Meditation Facilitation, and has some years background in retail, which allows her to be of more assistance to her clients providing 360 degree health care. Inta has a unique understanding of both conventional medicine methods, pharmaceuticals and natural medicine, and the way they can be integrated to ensure each person achieves their health goals.

Her vast medical knowledge in conjunction with being a holistic health professional, enables her to run a complete health testing facility, and to develop comprehensive health programs tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Information from all health test data is collated, analysed and utilised together with information from current evidence based studies, to formulate step by step natural medicine treatments that complement current medical treatments.

Inta has a passion for bone, cell and digestive health, and transforming life habits and thinking, to create a healthier less stressful life.

She is able to communicate a level of understanding as a key-note speaker, that each person is their own health advocate, who not only need to look at their current health status and options, but also needs to monitor their health to encourage a healthy ageing process. Her specialty is in Osteoporosis, and the increase in bone loss in young people.
Her desire is to help as many people as possible, to increase nutrient absorption, along with reducing low grade chronic inflammation and increase wellness.

As a speaker Inta incorporates a variety of current health issues and evidence based research, and conveys methods of application pertinent to daily life.